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A place for the things that make our jobs interesting.....

(Submitted by Jan Williams)

This was a very serious depo and there was absolutely no laughing, just stunned silence.

Q    Did anyone ever advise you that you had the right to have counsel to represent you?

A.    No one from here, no.

Q.    Did anyone?

A.    Yes.

Q.    Who?

A.    Perry Mason.       

Q.    You talked to Perry Mason?

A.    I was watching TV.  And if I don't have counsel, I can always object to the


Q.    And you're relying on a TV show to not answer my question?

A.    Yes. 

I thought I'd throw this one in too. A lot of reporters have probably heard this one.

Q.    Were they in-house counsel or outside counsel?

A.    Outhouse counsel.

        MR. SMITH:  Really, was that the question?


Q.    They were retained counsel?

A.    Yes.

A Fly on the Wall (not)....  Submitted by Jan Williams

 1            Q.   Do you remember protesting verbally or in an

 2     email or in any way when Mike Smith communicated to

 3     you -- what's the matter?  You're asking for a time

 4     out.

 5            A.   Look at that bird on the wall.

 6                      MS. JONES:  There's a giant creature crawling

 7     up the wall.  It's outside.

 8                      MR. BROWN:  Oh.  On the outside.    I see.

 9                      THE WITNESS:  It's way, way up high.

 10                    MR. BROWN:  All right.  It's outside the

 11     window.

 12                      THE WITNESS:  Yeah.  I know.  It's totally

 13     distracting me.

 14                      MR. BROWN:  All right.   Try to concentrate on

 15     my questions and not the creature.

 16                      THE WITNESS:  Okay.

 17                      MR. BROWN:  And it's not a giant creature,

 18     I'll object to that.

 19                      MS. JONES:  I maintain it was giant for the

 20     record.

 21                      THE REPORTER:  I do too.

 22                      (Laughter.)

Funny Testimony submitted by Mary Seal.

Q. Is there another paper that you read?

A. The Journal.

Q. Where is the Journal from? Is that Albuquerque?

A. Albuquerque. But my sister buys the Taos News, and she'll take it to my house and say, "Here."

Q. "Read this"?

A. "Here. Build a fire."

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